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Stardate: 241218  (December 18, 2017)
     Fleet CO: Elliot Bell-Krasner   Fleet XO: Brian O'Neil   

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Epsilon Fleet Code of Conduct

           The FSF has an official Code of Conduct. Epsilon Fleet, as a proud member of the FSF, highly enforces all FSF Rules and Regulations including the FSF Code of Conduct and the FSF Charter. The below listed Epsilon Fleet Code of Conduct Rules in no way substitute or over-ride those regulations listed in the Official FSF Code of Conduct.

Conduct for Fleet Members
    -    Epsilon Fleet requires that all fleet members post/attend to the sim(s) they are assigned to on a weekly basis. Failure to post/attend on a weekly basis may result in removal from the assigned sim.
    - Members must request a Leave of Absence (LOA) from both hosts of the sim they are assigned to if they will be unable to post/attend their assigned sim for the week. If the request is for more than three (3) weeks, the member must request an extended Leave of Absence (ELOA) from both hosts of the sim.
    - All members have the right to speak to the Epsilon Fleet Commanding Officer or Executive Officer at any time.
    - Any member may resign from the sim they are assigned to without prejudice or disciplinary action from Epsilon Fleet Command or Epsilon Fleet Staff. Any member may also resign from the FSF at any time without action being taken towards them.

Conduct for Simulation Hosts
    -    Epsilon Fleet requires two (2) hosts for all sims. This decision may be changed every six (6) months, but only with proper notification from the Epsilon Fleet CO to the FSF Administration.
    - No host shall occupy more than two (2) permanent hosting positions in this fleet at any given time unless otherwise directed herein (or through the Epsilon Fleet Rules & Procedures).
    - All Epsilon Fleet Hosts are required to post/attend to the sim they host on a weekly basis.

Epsilon Fleet Disciplinary Procedures
    All Epsilon Fleet Personnel will be held to the following disciplinary procedures. Epsilon Fleet hosts may also adopt these disciplinary procedures for use on their respective sim.
    -    Warnings A warning may be issued for any case of unsatisfactory work or rule infraction.
    - Third Warning If you receive a third warning in a six month period, you will be ineligible to be the Second Officer of Epsilon Fleet until you retain a record of less than three warnings in a six month period.
    - Fifth Warning You will lose your hosting status in Epsilon Fleet upon receiving your fifth Epsilon Fleet warning in a sixth month period.
    Any rule infraction or case of unsatisfactory work is void after six (6) months from the date of issuance.


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