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Stardate: 241218  (December 18, 2017)
     Fleet CO: Elliot Bell-Krasner   Fleet XO: Brian O'Neil   

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Epsilon Fleet Community Center

  • Fleet Characters List - View our complete list of characters played by the members of Epsilon Fleet.

  • Epsilon Fleet Awards - FSF issued awards to Epsilon Fleet and Epsilon Fleet Games.

  • Epsilon's Member Map - View Epsilon Fleet's Member Map.

  • Past Fleet Polls - View past polls that have been posted on our Website.

  • View our Guest Book - Check out what people have said about Epsilon Fleet.

  • Diana Muldoon Memorial Garden - FSF Endevour was a host in Epsilon Fleet before she passed. Diana Muldoon was the character she played and is what she was known for in the FSF. This memorial area is dedicated in her name.

  • Message Boards - Stop by our message boards and join in on our latest discussions and read and post sim logs for your sim.

  • The E Newsletter - 'The E' is an Epsilon Fleet News Publication.

  • Simming it Up - 'SIU' is An Epsilon Publication. Epsilon Fleet and Gamma Fleet founded the publication in 2004.


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