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Stardate: 241218  (December 18, 2017)
     Fleet CO: Elliot Bell-Krasner   Fleet XO: Brian O'Neil   

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Epsilon Hosting Application

Personal Information
Real Name:
FSF Host Name:
Email Address:
Time in the FSF:
On what FSF simulations/Fleets have you served in and for how long?
Any other groups you belong to? Any other sims not in the FSF?
Check all website languages that you know:
HTML   PHP   Perl   Java Scripts   None
If you were unable to create your own website, would you be willing to learn?
Check all types of sims you are willing to host:
Live Chat   Email   MB
If you are applying for a specific sim to host in Epsilon, please specify what sim.

    If you do not get assigned to your desired sim, would you like to be considered for another hosting spot in Epsilon?

Do you have any prior hosting experience? If so, how long and what groups
Did an FSF host ask you to apply? If so, who?

Application Questions
1. Do you agree to uphold and abide by the Rules and Procedures of Epsilon Fleet?
2. Do you agree not to give out private information about simmers, the fleet, and this application process??
3. Are you able to fill in forms required by the FC of EF?
4. Let's say your co-host goes on an LOA for a couple of weeks. Would you be able to carry the sim 100% by yourself in the absence of your co-host?
5. Why do you want to be a host in the Epsilon Fleet?
6. What would you describe as your pros and cons for hosting within FSF?
7. A chat simmer comes to you with a problem about making it to your sim because of the time how would you deal with it?
8. What do you enjoy most about hosting?
9. Are you willing to recruit for your sim and how would you do this?
10. In your view what makes a successful sim?
11. How would you ensure the simmers in your sim were enjoying themselves and being entertained?
12. If these sims were owned by anyone, who would you say 'owned' them; the FSF, Epsilon Fleet, the sim hosts, or the sim members?
13. If a member of your crew come to you with a complaint about your co host, how would you handle the situation?
14. If you have a problem with your co-host, how would you handle the situation?
15. Do you agree to the 2 month probation period all new EF hosts must go through?
16. Do you think that 4 warnings in a 6 month period of time is enough time before a host is fired from the fleet?
17. Please write a mission briefing of your choice.


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