Epsilon Fleet, a well known. well established sub-fleet of the Federation Sim Fleet, has for many years been primarily an email sim fleet driven to provide quality email sims for her members. In recent years she has broken from tradition, introducing live games and mixed-genred games to her ranks. More recently she has tried to reach her members on a new level, through a newsletter called 'The E'. 'The E' is aimed toward Epsilon Members, and simmers interested in the happenings of Epsilon Fleet. 'Simming it Up!' is not in competition with 'The E', SIU is not a news publication at all.

Gamma Fleet, FSF’s newest addition, has certainly gotten off to a great start. Like Efleet, Gamma has a diverse schedule of simulations. We have three live sims, Two Message Board sims, and One play by email. Our genres range from Federation Starships and a Starbase, a Romulan Warbird, the Hobbits and Dwarves of middle earth, or Star Wars-Unifying Force. Gamma Fleet has successfully merged established games as well as brand new ones under one flag, so to speak. We are very proud that we were able to accomplish a feeling of camaraderie amongst our hosts and players in such a short time. SIU is Gamma’s first attempt to reach out into the simming community and hopefully share as well as learn about what we enjoy most, SIMMING.

Two Fleets; One Vision brings one of the FSF's oldest Fleets and FSF's youngest fleet together for a never-before-seen partnership. 'Simming it Up!' is the product of that partnership. Our articles and features will have the unique perspective of this Joint venture.

We hope that through Simming it Up, we may be able to reach out to simmers of all levels. Our goal is to write helpful articles to assist veteran and new simmers alike, to enhance your personal views of simming, and introduce different styles of role-play inspirations.