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The BOOM in Stargate Sims
By: Joe Ferguson, CO-Editor

ave you noticed the surge in Stargate Sims? New to simming and want to know more about Stargate Sims? This article will do just that. We go inside the new popularity of Stargate Sims to bring out the mechanics of them, see how they function differently than a typical (Star Trek) sim, and to see if this surge of Stargate Sims is unilateral or only seen in a few selected places.

From my own point of view, Stargate sims are the new 'thing' sim wise. Both the FSF and the SLA have had a boom with Stargate sims in the past year. But you'd be surprised... even in these groups, the boom isn't so booming, we'll tell you that a bit later.

I had the opportunity to discuss Stargate sims with several group leaders, former group leaders, and current

StarGate sim at first. I've watched the show before, and it was cool. I liked it, so I was kinda nervous about hosting it. But I must say, the past two months, have been enjoyable. The actions of my crew are phenomenal. The improvisation, and building of the Storyline is great. This is a totally new experience, for both my crew, and myself, and we are all learning different things everyday. Some (characters) are Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines, and some are scientists. We have managed to put all our minds together and we're making our story as we go along. There are no set Plot line, or story line SG3 must follow. I (the host) am not dictating everything that is happening, and how, and when it happened. The scene was set for a possible storyline, and my crew has just blown it up to something that we are working together on. Everyone

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