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(CHARACTER BIO from page 2)

adding a lot more details to your character…..and the use of the almighty "Spell Checker!" Write your bio for these types of sims with a bit more dimension. Give yourself as many options as you wish to discover. That will get you started, and you can always add to your specific skills as your character becomes familiar with his/her/its surroundings. Don't lock yourself into a characteristic that you wouldn't enjoy exploring to the fullest. Don't over do, but give yourself a few behaviors that will allow for some surprises.

All types of simulations will typically ask that you submit the basic information such as name of your character, height, weight, age, species, gender, features and the like. You will probably be asked to give

insights into your character's educational history, abilities, interests, assignment history, and family history. On most sim applications you can attach a picture of your character. Your character's history can greatly enhance your sim experiences by submitting aspects that can potentially affect your performance. For example, if you were orphaned and raised in a situation where you had to fight for the basic necessities of life, you would probably be a little stoic and unfriendly or even a bit selfish. Develop your character with the qualities in your bio. Don't just write a magnificent bio and then play your character completely different. Don't create a "perfect" character, no one likes to interact with someone who is always right or has a quick solution to every problem. Write your character with believable assets as well as a few flaws. Don't go for all the superhero powers. You will find it is much more

fun to struggle in completing a task rather than conjure up yet another eccentric ability to explain how a 5'3" human female was able to carry 16 full grown completely outfitted unconscious Marines thru the Stargate all by herself. GM's have a word for a character like this………..and more times than not, if you exhibit these characteristics, something very unpleasant will happen to you.

These are just a few hints and pitfalls that you may encounter when considering your Character Bio. It will ultimately be up to you how much or how little you wish to reveal about your character. Above all, you are joining a sim to have fun! Let the details of your character reflect that objective…..and you will have a great simming experience.

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(STARGATE SIMS from page 3)

putting their imagination together. There are no dead parts of the story. No boredom, just action and adventure, and that's what's keeping this sim running strong."

"StarGate simming to me is a new realm for me to discover. There are just so many different things that we can do. So many different Missions, and excitement, as well as action, and danger. I guess this is why StarGate simming has gotten so popular, so quickly. Those who have always wanted to be in the US military, and never had the chance. Well, this is a definite way to play the role. I don't know about the other SG sims, but what I do know, is I guess I would have to say overall, StarGate Sims, Rock!!!"

These are some very encouraging words on the genre of Stargate sims, and this is just from one host. FSF Lilly, sim host for FSF's SG-5

gives us this comparison: "The popularity of SG seems to be a big factor in the success of the sims and I think it will influence how the SG sims fair. If SG suddenly tanks because of poor writing it might possibly reflect on the SG sims. An example is when we had Enterprise era sims that just totally tanked because of the negative feels towards the show itself and not the sims. Should that happen to the SG sims I would hope that FSF would consider that factor in future non ST sims or new ST sims. Nothing bothers a host more than a sim they worked hard on taking the plunge into the black hole without a chance of returning."

Epsilon Fleet had a poll on their website for the month of June asking members what genre sim they would like to see next in Epsilon... 0% was the results for Stargate, while Charmed and Star Trek received 33% and 27% respectively. So maybe Stargate sims are popular where explored, but in fleets like Epsilon where there are no Stargate Sims, members would

rather venture to other genres.

On a group organization note, both the FSF and SLA have devoted entirely new divisions to Stargate sims. FSF's www.stargategames.com and SLA's www.stargatesims.com. It would appear that both groups hope to take advantage of what they see as a boom in Stargate sims and simmers alike.

Looking around, Stargate sims doesn't appear to be on a unilateral appeal level. The large groups that I have seen have devoted resources to SG sims, while the smaller groups tend to stay focused on a sole genre, be it Star Trek, charmed, even X-men, many have not yet taken the bold step to conquered the new Stargate sims.

Look around yourself, see what you find... Stargate is out there, and like Trek, I don't think it will be going anywhere for a while.

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