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Starships vs. Starbases
By: Joe Ferguson, CO-Editor

hen simming boomed in the mid-90's the typical sim was a Star Trek genred sim based on a starship. Even today, the vast majority of sims are starship bound. So you may ask yourself, does this mean starship sims are better than starbase sims?'

The answer straight out of the gate is a big NO! Both are platforms for sims in their own right, but like all things, they are different. Any new simmer can sim with no problem on either a starship or a starbase sim, but the different platforms give you different things.

Starship sims, in general, has faster paced sim plots, less complicated sim plots, and there is usually little time for character development. Starbase sims tend to have more plot twists, more sub-plots, slower paced plot, and of course, the supporting starship element… because never have I seen a starbase sim without a starship in it.

I would encourage NEW simmers to seek out a starship sim. We know more about starships through the Star Trek universe, so it would be easier for new simmers to associate with the elements of a starship sim, the plot would be quicker, less complicated, so that the new simmer didn't have to worry much about character development; and this is important because character development is