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he simming world is composed of hundreds of simulations and dozens of simming groups, everyday we accept new simmers to our group when they join their first sim and most probably enjoy it, the problem is after a certain amount of time they discover all the other different simulations the simming world has to offer which is not a bad thing, because simulations are things we are supposed to enjoy as long as we do not burnout.

The burnout term is commonly used, every Game Master knows what it means and everyone who has gone through it, especially knows it's meaning. The burnout process is when a player joins too many simulations than he/she can handle, and by that his/hers level of creativity drops on all of his/hers simulations, after a period of time they finally understand that they have too much on their hands, and then usually resign all of their simulations in

sibility of joining another sim, if he can afford the time for it, many people do not know how to organize their time and by that they get burnout quickly thinking they have more time which they do not.

When joining a new simulation, we recommend to try it for a month, and in that month not to join anymore simulations, after a month of simming in the new sim, a simmer should consider whether or not he has the time to stay in it and devote time for it, if the simmer was considering joining another simulation, here is a good time to take this under consideration as well.

We wish to live in a perfect world, but what can we do, it is just not, and will not be for the soon time, therefore we recommend you all, simmers and hosts, do not burn yourself with sims, after all, there is a world out there… enjoy it!

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