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ake one Captain, one Commander, toss in a couple of Lt. Commanders, mix in a few Lieutenants and Lieutenants Junior Grades, bind the mixture with an ample supply of Ensigns and what do you have? The prescription for a Healthy Star Trek Sim! It seems, however, simulations around the galaxy have been experiencing symptoms of the dreaded "High Ranking Disease." It's a nasty bug… lot's of side effects and contagious as the Tanzian Flu in the springtime! It kind of sneaks up on a sim… taking form with a Commodore, maybe a crazy Admiral or two… once it tears down immunities… all hell breaks loose and before you know it there are a dozen Captains running around "pipping" each other. There is no vaccine for this syndrome, and therapy is horribly expensive, especially when your Counselor is the self-promoted Grand Poobah highest-ranking