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The recipe for successful simming has as many diverse components as there are simmers. The FSF’s Epsilon and Gamma Fleets have combined forces to assemble all the best ingredients for you to use in cooking up a great game. Whether you are novice or pro, whatever your taste in genres; I am sure you will find our monthly features and articles satisfying to your role-play appetite. No longer will you have to do endless searches for helpful hints and inspirations, it will all be right here for your reference. We even have a “lighter side” on our menu to gratify your more humorous cravings. In every issue we will offer a balanced diet of monthly features, such as the opening few words from the editor and our “This vs. That” section. Numerous highlighted articles will be whipped up from scratch to bring you the freshest perspectives and latest role-play trends. If you have hungered for ideas that will spice up your sim character, here is the place to find your motivation. Plate too full? Loosen your belt and get ready for a banquet of sage advice and stories to help you cope. Everyone is invited, no reservations needed - just feast your eyes on “Simming it up.”

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