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You Might Be a Star Trek Godmoder…..
By: Zambia Fury, CO-Editor

Another term for moding is "Superman Syndrome," and if you allow your character to behave in such a manner you will almost assuredly be struck down by your host's rendition of kryptonite.

GMs go to all sorts of troubles and tribulations when writing sim plots to include everyone in the game. They spend hours planning for feasible twists and turns to a storyline, sometimes rewriting many times as the scenario unfolds in sim. All this work, and most of the fun, can be sucked right out of a game when someone decides to "mode." After all, a lot of the excitement of simming is how your character perceives a problem and then reacts to it. If a predicament is solved by someone before anyone else has the chance to reply, it makes for a short storyline and quite a few angry simmers. Moders also seem to be able to hear and see what goes on in ALL departments, stepping in at exactly the right time to jettison the damaged warp core, fire the "one" torpedo that takes out a whole fleet of enemy ships, or instigate an Away Team beamout using a hairpin and duct tape to repair the faulty transporters. It's really difficult to explain why someone who is unconscious, laying in sickbay, undergoing surgery due to injuries sustained when his console blew up; has miraculously healed and manages to solo all the necessary actions that save his ship from impending doom - all the while being restrained on a hospital gurney. Yes, yes, I know…it's the ole' "out of body" explanation and serves the GM right for taking him out