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Simming it Up! Volume 1, Issue 3 ~ Page 8

(THIS vs. THAT from page 6)

have more recruiting resources at their disposal and they may have more ways to resolve problems should they arise. This leads to quicker and fairer conflict resolution and more recruiting resources ensures for a fuller, and possibly happier crew if the sim is full of members and the story of the sim is continuing with no problems.

Sim Administrators of groups like to keep an eye on the sims in their groups; so most groups require their hosts to turn in reports so that the administration can tell that the sim is functioning, as it should. This may be a disadvantage to some hosts. You

also have large group rules that you have to govern your sim under. Sim hosts in large groups may not feel like they "own" the sim and can do what they want with it. In many large groups you have political red tape before anything can be done or changed, so making changes to your sim would be very difficult in these types of groups. For hosts contemplating creating an independent sim or joining a large group to host in, look into the group you are interested in, talk with group administrators about the rights and free will hosts have over the sims they are assigned too, check about report intervals and what is required in the reports, check about inter-group relation requirements… find out everything that will be expected of

you as a host, then weight that with the pros and cons of being independent.

You have many things to look at as a host or a member about what type of sim you would rather be apart of. You have many pros and cons of both aspects. Most important thing, no matter what type of sim you choose... have fun with the sim... simming is a game. Have fun with it and continue Simming it Up!

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