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Recruiting - Simming Safari - Part 1
By: Zambia Fury, CO-Editor

t's a jungle out there, and it seems hunting for great simmers has become a major adventure. After hacking your way thru the forest of websites, message boards and chat rooms, how do you decide what medium or combinations of them are going to work for your game? And once you have set up recruiting camp, how do you attract potential applicants to your sim? Do you lay in wait marking your territory in random chat rooms, pouncing on every person who enters? Or do you set out a trail of advertisement breadcrumbs, allowing your candidate to consume small bits of sim information before moving on to the next? Whether your recruiting style is that of a roaring lion or the methodical huntsman; if you prefer to be assertive or cautious, here are a few suggestions to consider before beginning your expedition.

Lock and Load: There are thousands upon thousands of simulations looking for potential players, and you must somehow out shoot all the competition to get noticed. In many cases your only weapon is a well-written ad. In a tangle of mundane advertisements for new Sims and needed players, you have to hit the "bullseye" within the first few sentences or you will certainly miss your mark. Go straight for the heart, appeal to a simmer's desire for recognition. Offer them something that will entice their curiosity and coax them to read further.
Fire!: Once you have a potential simmer in your sights, continue the assault with rapid fire details of your great storyline. Just hit on the highlights, anything too drawn out and complicated will have them running for cover. Direct them to your fantastic website and make sure all information is current. Make contact information easily accessible and showcase your

success. Display all awards and commendations, affiliations and guides. You are on a trophy hunt for new simmers; give them a reason to "set up camp" on your sim.
Hot Pursuit: Communication, communication, communication……. Follow up quickly on all inquiries, questions, or comments. You've managed to "bag" the interest of a new simmer, strike their curiosity with information, and drag them into your territory. Now is not the time to let down your guard and allow your prize an easy escape. Sign them up, write them a small summary of your plot and get them involved. Maybe even offer a few ways to introduce their character onto your sim.

This is just an overview of possibilities and suggestions in order to make your recruiting journey more successful. Next month we will explore in detail how to write a recruiting ad. Until then….happy hunting!