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o it's 7:00 on a Wednesday afternoon and you are sitting at your computer, waiting in a chat room for your sim host to arrive and for your wonderful sim to get started; or you are waiting for the next email post from your host so you know what new shift in the story line to take advantage of… let's go behind the title of 'Host' or 'GM' and show you, in all its glory, what really happens before your host shows up at your live chat sim or sends that ever important sim post.

Anyone can lead a sim… not everyone can avoid leading it into the ground. So if you are a member of a stable and productive sim, be sure to thank your host(s) next time you see them, because whether you see it or not, they have put a lot of time into making the sim what it is.

As a simmer, very seldom do you get to observe any of the behind the scenes work that a

host does. Generally, in a months time, a host will (unless the sim is independent and not affiliated with a sim group) turn in a sim report, post sim ads around the net, assign incoming members, help new members adjust to the story of the sim, be active in their respective sim group (outside of their sim) all while maintaining the story and plot of your sim.

Many of you may have aspirations of being a sim host and many of you, at some point, will host a sim of your own. Before you get to the hot seat... please... please don't think that hosting is easy. As I said before, anyone can lead a sim, as well anyone can host a sim, but not everyone can meet ALL the demands that a host must accomplish.

I often hear simmers complain about their sim hosts. Maybe because they are demanding, or maybe they are not always around to field questions, or

maybe they do not respond to e-mails in a timely manner... no matter your displeasure with your sim host... always remember, they are where they are... to better the sim you participate in.

Hosts work hours on sims, before the first simmer ever shows up to a live chat sim, or before the first email or MB post is written. Hosts work hours on sims, before anyone ever knows the sim exists. Sims would not be anything without her members, but the members would have no sim to call their own if it weren't for the hosts.

As always, there are hosts who wish to obtain the status of host as a way to have 'power' or 'control'. I know, because that is what I wanted when I first become a host... many MANY years ago. But ya know what? A host on an ego trip... seldom has followers. If you are a sim

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