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What are you Lurking at?
By: Zambia Fury, CO-Editor

here are about as many descriptions of "Lurkers" as there are GMs. If you run a game, no matter the genre or style, at some point you will have the opportunity to be introduced to the term "Lurker." In order to define this idiom, let's first propose the description of its counterpart, "The Simmer." A simple characterization of a "Simmer" is someone who takes part in a sim on a regular basis, abides by the rules, and contributes to the storyline. A Lurker, on the other hand, just hangs out in a game, does not join in and does not add to the plot. Sometimes, Lurkers are welcomed by the GM in order to observe and make an educated decision if they wish to join. These are usually short-term lurkers and they soon make their preferences known by either interacting in character, or resigning. Most lurkers of this type are totally honest and only wish to find a game that interests them. Usually, these lurkers will respond to the GM's emails regarding their status on the sim and are very forthcoming with questions and inquiries. There are exceptions……

The Drive-By Lurker: This person answers all adds for sims of a particular genre and immediately joins. Usually exercising the "no mail" option if your group offers this. When directly sent a welcome letter or is pressed in any way….they resign. Later, all members on the sim are spammed with recruitment ads. Bummer….It seems that the Drive-by Lurker is only interested in a quick way to gather email addresses and