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Character development; ways to expand your character
By: Joe Ferguson, CO-Editor

haracter development is something a simmer comes across sometime between six months to a year after they first start simming. For younger simmers it might even take longer, to around 18 to 24 months. But when the time comes that developing your character crosses your mind, you have reached a point where you yourself would like to get to know the character you have been playing.

The first step in developing a character is to learn about your characters past. If you are creating a bran new character, then be detailed when writing your characters history; where he/she was born, where they grew up, family info, education, and anything else that will give you an idea of what makes your character tick. If you have been playing a character for a year or so, and have decided you want to really develop your character, then

think back to past sims or sim posts. Try to recall where your character might have said he or she was from, recall any family info, try to pull as many sources that you created from the sim itself. Write everything down, even if it is with pencil and paper, write it down. Then look it over and try to fill in the gaps with feasible information.

Once you have your characters history you will then have a better overall understanding of your character and can evaluate your character and learn how he or she actually thinks and how he or she will react to different situations. Now of course, we play our own characters, but in all respects, these characters become entities unto themselves.

Once you have an understanding of your character, the next step is to allow your fellow simmers to learn about your character. This is best done through writing personal logs

for your character, for non-trek sims you could have your character keep a diary of some sort… any way for you to write down your characters thoughts and history in a way that entertains your fellow simmers and still allows them to learn about your character.

Once you have a base for your character.., at all costs, stay true to your character and allow your character to evolve. New simmers sometimes jump into simming as if they were the real character, but really… you and your character go through simming side by side, without your character you have nothing to sim with and without you, your character is nothing.

Remember, get your characters history down, next evaluate your character and get to know your character, then allow your fellow simmers to learn about your character, and last… let your character evolve… most of all have fun SIMMING IT UP!

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